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VLAND Universal Crystal Shift Knob Touch Activated LED RGB Light Fits Most Manual or Automatic Without Lock Button Japanese Toyota Mitsubishi Lexus Mazda Vehicles Shifter Knob



Consult us for the Wholesale or FOB Order.

Can not ship to the PO BOX address.


Fits Most manual transmission and automatic transmission without Lock/button, manual transmission no need to lift up the shift while backing out. Make your shift knob is removable.

Installation Instructions:

1.Take out existing shift knob from shift stem.
Built Inside with 3 Plastic Adapters
Φ 10MM/0.39INCH
Φ 12MM/0.47INCH
2. Put the Crystal shift knob onto shift ,then screw it down securely.
3.Use the Micro-USB line charging the knob for 30 minutes, the RGB
lighting can sustain 3 weeks.


1 x Crystal shift knob, 1 x Charger base, 1x Charging Cable, 1x Lexus special connector


LED lights built inside. Touch motion activated to start the Multi-Color LED Light.

Charged easily by plugging in Cable which contacts with Car USB Adapter.

Covered by high-quality diamond-cut featuring synthetic crystal and smooth ABS plastic materials. Upgrading your driving comfort and offering better control.

The Crystal Gear Shift Knob is equipped with a "VLAND" logo, which is illuminated with Multi-Color for an even more elegant look at night.

Manufacturer Part Number:

Fitting Models:

Mitsubishi Lancer 2008-2018 (Manual transmission)
Mitsubishi Outlander 2011-2021
Mitsubishi ASX 2013-2021
Toyota Hiace 2004-2018
Toyota 86 2013-2019
Toyota Previa 2007-2019
Toyota Yaris 2008-2011
Toyota Voxy 2004-2018
Toyota Land Cruiser 2010-2018
Toyota Prius 2005-2016
Toyota Noah 2004-2018
Toyota Corolla 2003-2018
Toyota Camry 2006-2015
Toyota RAV4 2007-2018
Toyota Highlander 2009-2014
Toyota Vios 2007-2021
Toyota Crown 2004-2016
Toyota Wish 2000-2015
Toyota Alphard
Toyota Sienna 2009-2018
Toyota Mark X 2006-2010
Mazda 3 2006-2012
Mazda 5 2008-2015
Mazda 6 2004-2015
Mazda 8 2011-2013
Mazda CX-5 2012-2015
Mazda CX-7 2010-2011
Mazda CX-9 2007-2013
Lexus ES 2004-2014
Lexus RX 2004-2014
Lexus IS 1999-2011
Lexus GS 2003-2011
Lexus LX 2004-2013
Lexus SC 2004-2019
Lexus LS 1995-2016

Definition of The Left Driver Side (LHD): When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the left side, that means your car is the left driver side. Vehicles from North America and Europe are usually the Left driver side models. Definition of The Right Driver Side (RHD): When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the right side, that means your car is the right driver side. Vehicles from Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and Japan are usually the right driver side models.
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