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VLAND Full LED Headlights for 2005-2013 Lexus IS250 & IS350 & ISF [XE20]

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Fit For Lexus IS 250 & IS 350 & IS F [XE20] 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013  Aftermarket Front lights. [Fits Lexus IS Second Generation All models]

Item Features:

Reflector color(side marker): Amber/Clear

Color: Black

High/Low beam:LED (white)

Running Light: LED (white)

Turn Signals: LED (Amber. With Sequential Indicators)

The items have the same connections and wires with the original headlights. Plug and play, easy to install. Professional installation is recommended.

Package Includes:

One pair of head lights include left and right side.

Manufacturer Part Number:



Left: 8107053240, 8117053270, 8107053390, 8117053400, 8118553540, 8118553543, 8117053550
Right: 8114053240, 8113053270, 8114053390, 8113053400, 8114553540, 8114553543, 8113053550


Left: 8107053290, 8107053300, 8117053310, 8107053410, 8118553541, 8118553542, 8118553570, 8118553571, 8118553572, 8118553573
Right: 8114053290, 8114053300, 8113053310, 8114053410, 8114553541, 8114553542, 8114553570, 8114553571, 8114553572, 8114553573


Left: LX2502133, LX2502132, LX2518124, LX2518125, LX2518133, LX2518134, LX2518131
Right: LX2503133, LX2503132, LX2519124, LX2519125, LX2519133, LX2519134, LX2519131

Definition of The Left Driver Side (LHD): When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the left side, that means your car is the left driver side. Vehicles from North America and Europe are usually the Left driver side models. Definition of The Right Driver Side (RHD): When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the right side, that means your car is the right driver side. Vehicles from Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and Japan are usually the right driver side models.
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