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Extra 5% Discount For New Customers | Code:VIC5
Extra 5% Discount For New Customers | Code:VIC5


1. There is fog in the headlights
Problem: The newly installed assembly lights need an applicable process. When it rains and after washing the car, fog and water droplets will appear in the headlight shade. This kind of liquefaction occurs because of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car lights.
Treatment: Open the black plastic cover behind the assembly to install the bulb for a period of time (don't open it on rainy days). If such a serious problem still occurs, replace it after sale.

2. Installation with gaps
Question: Our car lights are developed according to the size of the OEM car lights and are dedicated to special vehicles. There will be a bit of a gap that is not very large, so that it will not squeeze the inner base of the lamp and achieve a long service life.
Treatment: When installing, please align the screw socket, fix and tighten.

3. Irregular light pattern
Treatment: Please check whether the bulb is installed in a good position and fix the bulb.
You can adjust the headlight type according to the instructions. You can use a screwdriver to adjust the light type. Some headlights have a motor to adjust the light type.