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Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.
Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.

VLAND LED Headlights and Tail Lights for Lexus IS250 IS350 2006-2012 IS200d IS F 2008-2014 (Multi-Choice Combination)

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Fitment :

Lexus IS250 2006-2012

Lexus IS350 2006-2012

Lexus IS200d and IS F 2008-2014

Before You Buy:

This is a combination set of headlights and tail lights, click the link below if you just want a set of headlights or tail lights.

For the headlights: We have the Amber Reflector and Clear Reflector editions, both editions have the Left Hand Driver (LHD) side and Right Hand Driver (RHD) side.

For the tail lights: We have the Red Clear and Smoked styles in stock, universal fit for Left Hand Driver (LHD) side and Right Hand Driver (RHD) side.

Choose the best that fit for your Lexus and your country street regulations before place an order.

Introduce the Headlight Set:

Lexus IS250 IS350  IS200d IS F  LED Headlights(click)

Introduce the Tail Light Set:

Tail Lights For Lexus IS250 IS350 IS200d IS F (click)

Manufacturer Part Number : 

Headlights: YAA-IS-0303-H

Tail Lights: YAB-IS-0277

Headlights Feature:

High Beam: Full LED Projector

Low Beam: Full LED Projector

Parking Light: LED (Diamond White)

Turn Signals: Amber (Sequential Turn Indicator)

 Tail Lights Feature:

Lens Color: Red Clear / Smoked

Parking Light: LED (Red)

Brake Light: LED (Red)

Reverse Light: LED (Diamond White)

Turn Signals: LED (Amber)

Bulb Recommendation: Full LED Hi/Lo beam, no need bulbs.

Package includes:

1 pair of headlights with left side & right side 

1 pair of tail lights with left side & right side.


One year warranty service (from the date of purchase).

No need to change the wiring harness, the original car OEM directly replaces it.

Plug and play.(Professional installation recommended).

Definition of The Left Driver Side (LHD):

When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the left side, that means your car is the left driver side. Vehicles from North America and Europe are usually the Left driver side models.

Definition of The Right Driver Side (RHD):

When you are facing the same way as the car is facing, the steering wheel is on the right side, that means your car is the right driver side. Vehicles from Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and Japan are usually the right driver side models. 


We have warehouse located in the United States, Canada, Australia United Kingdom and Europe. Priority shipment of our items will be arranged from the domestic warehouse with FREE SHIPPING by local carrier and usually takes 3-7 days of delivery.

If the item is out of stock from overseas warehouse, we will arrange shipment from China factory with international shipment (EMS, UPS, FedEx), it will take 10-20 days (Extra shipping fees may apply based on countries)

OEM Part Number of Headlights:

2006-2009 Left: 81070-53240, 81170-53270, 81070-53290, 81070-53300, 81170-53310

2006-2009 Right: 81140-53240, 81130-53270, 81140-53290, 81140-53300, 81130-53310

2010-2011 Left: 81070-53341, 81170-53430, 81070-53440, 81185-53670, 81185-53680

2010-2011 Right: 81140-53341, 81130-53430, 81140-53440, 81145-53670, 81145-53680

2010-2015 Left: 81170-53430, 81185-53543, 81170-53550, 81185-53573, 81185-53670, 81185-53671, 81185-53672, 81185-53673, 81185-53680, 81185-53681, 81185-53682, 81185-53683

2010-2015 Right: 81130-53430, 81145-53543, 81130-53550, 81145-53573, 81145-53670, 81145-53671, 81145-53672, 81145-53673, 81145-53680, 81145-53681, 81145-53682, 81145-53683

ABPA Partslink Number of Headlights:

2006-2009 Left: LX2502133, LX2502132

2006-2009 Right: LX2503133, LX2503132

2010-2011 Left: LX2518162

2010-2011 Right: LX2519162

2010-2015 Left: LX2518134, LX2518131

2010-2015 Right: LX2519134, LX2519131

OEM Part Number of Tail Lights:

2010-2015 Rear Left Outer: 81561-53230

2011-2013 Rear Left Outer: 81561-53260

2010-2015 Rear Right Outer: 81551-53240

2011-2013 Rear Right Outer: 81551-53260

2010-2015 Rear Left Inner: 81591-53110

2011-2013 Rear Left Inner: 81591-53130

2010-2015 Rear Right Inner: 81581-53110

2011-2013 Rear Right Inner: 81581-53130

ABPA Partslink Number of Tail Lights:

2011-2013 Rear Left Outer: LX2804109

2010-2015 Rear Right Outer: LX2805127

2011-2013 Rear Right Outer: LX2805109


Please confirm which side of your car first before placing an order. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.